The Torys are Pathetic: Volume 1 (& the BNP)

Yesterday the Commons elected a new speaker, John Bercow. Now personally I would have preferred Beith or Dhanda, but I think of he front-runners, he is probably the best option. Even if he did decide to name one of his children Jemima…

Today he gave his first interview, and spoke of the great responsibility etc. Strangely he also promised not to claim any second home allowances while in office – I should think not, seen as the Speaker gets a free house!

But anyway, to the point.

Tory Bear had a bit of a go at Bercow (it was more of a rant than a blog post), and he isn’t the only Tory to do so. They’re all crying about how it was just political maneouvering by the Labour party to elect someone they didn’t like. Hmm…or MAYBE, just maybe, they liked him better than George Young, who is classic old Tory, ie. is never going to win Labour votes!

Anyway, my point is this – what is the point in crying over spilt milk? He’s speaker now, get on with it. After all, he has no party allegiance now, he’s not Michael Martin…

Story number 2, the BNP.

Not much to say on this really. Black people aren’t allowed to join the party, but Nick Griffin thinks that’s perfectly legal. A*se. Of course it’s illegal, you tosser. His argument for them being excempt is essentially that the BNP are a pressure group on behalf of “the white minority”, not exactly the “don’t mention the racism” strategy employed in the run up to June the 4th.

More tomorrow, if I bother.



~ by Callum Leslie on June 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Torys are Pathetic: Volume 1 (& the BNP)”

  1. I cannot see the problem with the BNP having a whites only policy, we allow the Black Police Federation, we allow the Transexual police group, we allow alsorts of groups in this country based on peoples differences, why can we not have groups that only take white people?

    Religious groups are allowed to disriminate on religious beliefs so why not on colour? It’s about time someone stood up for the minority in this country, the white minority.

    The English Patriot

    • So englishpatriot, no one who isn’t white is British? The point is that the BNP pretend to have changed, but essentially is a party of racists.

      The BNP rail about a conspiracy against whites, but the truth is there is no evidence that such a conspiracy exists. Minority groups need protection from bigots like you, like the BNP.

      Your comment about the white minority is ludicrous, there is no such thing, and no matter how much you shout about it, there never will be.

  2. Anyone can be British, any colour, any race, but not everyone can be English, I am English not British and there is a huge difference.

    Our political leaders love mass immigration as they know that people being allowed to stay in this country will be grateful to whatever political party lets them in, they will have extra voters to keep them in power.

    The white working classes of this country have been failed for a long time, our manufacturing base has been lost due to big business deciding to go abroad and use cheap labour, at one time this country built everything now it imports, mass immigration just keeps the wages low and the only benefit to this country is that the big business owners get richer while working men and women get bloody poorer.

    Calling me a bigot is fine, If it means that standing up for your own people makes me a bigot then so be it.

    As for my comment about whites being in a minority then I suppose you would dispute the statement by the old London mayor’s race advisor, He said by the year 2020 white people will be in the minority in London and many other major UK cities, If that is not something to worry about then God knows what is.

    Thank you

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