Recession? What Recession…

Right, Stephen bullied me into blogging again, so here it is, happy!?

I’ve watched with horror the way football has showed that it truly has forgotten it’s roots.

This story on the BBC today finally showed me I wasn’t alone in thinking so. Bobby Charlton, arguably England’s greatest ever player, branded the fee paid for Ronaldo as ‘vulgar’. I couldn’t agree more.

Football used to be the most universal of sports, anyone could play, and anyone could be a fan. But in recent years, it’s lost its way. Ticket prices are through the roof, punishing the most loyal of supporters, which almost seems ridiculous, and now these ridiculous transfer fees, disconnecting the clubs involved from their key fans. I mean, £80m is probably more than my parents and all their friends will ever see in their lives. Add that to £59m for Kaka, supposedly £60m for Ribery(who, incidentally, is butt ugly, not that it matters…) and apparently £80m for Ibrahimavich.  That would mean four transfers in a very short space of time which exceed the previous transfer record – £44m for Zidane, in 2001.

Add to that my experience last night. A new Argos Extra is opening here, and the Job Centre hosted a recruitment night last night. At a guess I would say this shop will employ 30 people, though I don’t know for sure. There were near on 200 people queing up the road to get in just to get an application form! I was genuinely shocked to see so many people so desperate to work in Argos that they’ll cue for up to two hours.

I gave up on Argos, as I would have felt too guilty had I got a job. Im still at school, and could only do the job for a year before going to uni – many of those people need that job to get themselves out of poverty.

Anyway, hopefully more tomorrow.

That good enough Stephen? 😉


~ by Callum Leslie on June 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Recession? What Recession…”

  1. On the topic of fitba, not vulgar but amusing was Livingston’s appeal for fans to donate cash… 6 weeks in nearly £150 raised… Doh!
    I wondered what the queue was for…

  2. John not too amusing for those of us who are Livi fans. Also being told that the non-laying of the leccy bill is somehow our fault. My fellow fans aren’t prepared to part with £240 until they are sure there is going to be a season for their ticket to last for. All Trust has been lost by this guy in less than a season.

    But Callum good to see you back blogging 😀

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