Liberal Youth Scotland elections

At the AGM on April 25th, Liberal Youth Scotland will elect new office bearers. After a hugely successful conference, in which we put ourselves back on the map and got both of our motions passed, we are now planning ahead with how to take the organisation forward.

The following positions will be up for election:

President – The leader of LYS, and the person who takes the major decisions that shape the organisation.
Vice-President (Campaigns) – Has authority over the direction LYS campaigns take, and their content.
Vice-President (Communications) – Helps us communicate our intentions to members and the outside world effectively.
Secretary – Takes minutes of committee meetings, draws up agendas.
Treasurer – Takes charge of LYS’s finances.
5 Ordinary Members – Have no fixed portfolio, but hold the executive to account.

I have already announced my nomination for Vice President for Communications, and the following have also announced nominations:

Ruaraidh Dobson – President –

Me – VP(Communications) –

James Harrison – VP(Communications) –

Kristian Chapman – VP(Campaigns) –

Kieran Leach – VP(Campaigns) –


There are others rumoured to be nomination but until I have confirmed with the persons themselves these are public, I won’t post anything here. I will post links to all Facebook groups, including those of my opponents.

I think all of the candidates will be determined to ensure that these elections are carried out in good spirit, and that we never lose sight of the salient point – we are all on the same team.


~ by Callum Leslie on March 30, 2009.

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