Jade Goody, and illegal databases

As I’m sure everyone is aware, Jade Goody passed way yesterday. An unbearable tragedy for her family, her children and her husband. 

However, her death, and more specifically the manner in which she went about her last months has created some controversy.

First of all, I object to Max Clifford’s involvement in the first place. He was always going to whore Jade’s death to the highest bidder, which personally I find disgusting. I don’t buy the excuse that she had to raise money for her kids future’s, as she is/was a mult-millionaire, and if she wasted that money without saving for her children’s future, that’s not an excuse. Surely if she thought about it, she must have known her fame could end any minute, and saving for her future and that of her children would have been sensible. Also, the children have a father and a step-father, who I’m sure are not incapable of working to provide for these boys.

Also, while I recognise and must praise her championing of the cause of increased range of screenings for cancer etc., the treatment she has recieved in the media, and the tributes that have poured in from fellow “celebrities”, politicians and ordinary men and women must leave those still fighting with cancer with a bitter taste in their mouth. No one will leave hundreds of cards and flowers for them after they die. The Prime Minister won’t publicly praise their courage, no matter how long and hard they’ve fought against their illness. 

I’m not saying that Jade doesn’t deserve this treatment. I’m saying every man and woman suffering in the same way deserves the same.

Also in the news today, is the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust calling for “illegal government databases to be scrapped”.

Obviously I think the fact that the government spends £16bn on databases every year, but even worse so – “[the government] plans to spend a further £105bn on projects over five years but does not know the precise number of the “thousands” of systems it operates, the trust claims.”

I think it’s obvious these databases cause more problems than they solve, and we’ve been inundated with stories of data losses by Government employees. Yet another reason why these illegal databases should be scrapped. I don’t want this Government storing data about me without my consent, that’s illegal, and they know it.

I don’t want this Government anyway, but that’s a matter for another day…


~ by Callum Leslie on March 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “Jade Goody, and illegal databases”

  1. As a mother I can sympathise with Jade’s desire to provide the best possible future for her children. I can’t imagine anything worse than having to leave my daughter and this is her way of providing them something tangible, that they can say Mummy did for them which will set them up for life. I’ve known many people, family members and friends who have been affected by this wicked disease and I don’t mind recognition being given to Jade. I had a lot of time for her – she had an horrendous start in life and with a combination of good luck and hard work managed to amass a small fortune.

    I met Max Clifford once many years ago and he came across as a decent bloke, not the sleazy PR type that many people think he is.

    He couldn’t have done what he did without Jade’s co-operation. I don’t know if you watched the tv programmes of her wedding but I did and she did seem genuinely happy with them. They were made by people she trusted, one of whom was her bridesmaid.

    Jade saw an opportunity to make some money for her children which isn’t available to many people – I don’t think we can blame her for taking it.

  2. Im sorry callum but you are completely nieve in this blog. Jade has done Britains women a world of good by being an idol, if she can do it why can’t I is the new outlook by British women on having tests done. The figures are also incorrect.
    All in all Jade done her best and she was a gutsy woman. I don’t think i could do what she done, her braveness and sheer determination is outstanding and i think you need to give her some credit. Rest In Peace Jade Goody

  3. I don’t think she’s an idol or someone anyone should aspire to. While I have acknowledged the good she has done and given her credit for it, I think the fact that a child who dies of leukemia isn’t apparently as much of a tragedy as losing Jade Goody is abhorrent.

  4. that is true but if that happened to everyone we would never hear the end of people with alements. She is someone who can inspire as she gives people confidence to get checks etc.

  5. What’s wrong with that? If she’s really getting the attention out of bravery and not fame, others should too.

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