Liberal Youth “elections”…

This topic of debate appears to have gotten me in some trouble!

To be honest, these Liberal Youth elections have left me exasporated. I’ve heard things that both candidates have said that have left me cold, and certain unrealistic manifesto promises have left me in despair. It was this promise on Elaine Bagshaw’s campaign page which irritated me today, on her promise of ‘A youth branch in every major city’: “The priority cities would be Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff and London.”

Now, I know that technically Scotland is under the duristiction of the Federal Exec, but I’m sorry, it’s our patch. We are quite happy with our current set-up, and have only just managed to get ourselves on our feet as Liberal Youth Scotland. If Elaine Bagshaw is planning to disrupt this and insist we have branches for each city, I certainly would have to think long and hard about whether or not to vote or her.

Ruaraidh couldn’t have put it better in his blog earlier this month – you are not politicians! This mudslinging and personal campaign has only served to bring the reputation of Liberal Youth into disrepute. 

I’m currently watching the chair hustings. What is the obsession with aggressive campaign talk?? Sara Scarlett is talking about “leading the troops towards gunfire”! She also has horrible public speaking skills, pausing to look at notes half way through sentances. She’s also talking about “fighting her adveseries”, and it appears that is all she is interested in. I liked the distinction between the devolved groups she made clearly, but there is an obession with literature I don’t quite understand. The speech made me cringe, sorry, but it did. The tone used was aggressive and patronising in places. A glaring lack of policy was unforgiveable in my eyes.

Elaine Bagshaw on the other hand, won’t stop looking down at her notes! She also fidgets too much. I have to say, Bagshaw’s content goes some way to making up for the poor delivery. She intersperses the correct level of humour and fact, and actually mentions some policy, unlike her opponent. Her speech is a lot better than what her campaign website promises, which while not a difficult task, is something I suppose. 

After watching the hustings, I know one think for sure. I will NOT be voting for Sara Scarlett. Sorry Sara. You seem like a nice enough person, but the speech was cringe worthy and mentioned very little policy. The only choice I now seem to have is Elaine Bagshaw, or RON. We shall see then…


~ by Callum Leslie on March 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Liberal Youth “elections”…”

  1. The Chair does not decide Liberal Youth policy, why should they focus on it in their speech? The Chair is supposed to inspire and lead the troops. Sara’s “leading the troops towards gunfire” is a quote from the late great former Liberal Party leader Jo Grimmond. Why is this inappropriate for a hustings speech?

    It is also not inappropriate for a candidate to want to set up a branch. Most states and regions would be grateful of a promise of support. That fact that you are so touchy about is frankly surreal when you consider that Liberal Youth Scotland hasn’t functioned properly for most of the last few years.

  2. I felt the quote was outdated and inappropriate to be honest.

    As far as the Edinburgh promise goes, I just resent the fact that Elaine Bagshaw is telling us it’s essential that Edinburgh have its own branch, without ever asking anyone up here whether it’s a) feasible and b) neccessary.

    I don’t think it’s “surreal” to want LYS to be allowed to get itself on its feet without Elaine pulling the rug out from underneath.

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