Today’s thoughts…

Been reading a few blogs concerning the suspension of the three Lib Dem councillors in Aberdeen, and thought I would post up my own thoughts. 

From my understanding of the situation, the councillors in question were part of a small group which supported the decision of the planning committee chair, which was, when the vote was tied, to retain the status-quo. This was not a whim, this is part of the committees standing orders. I don’t claim to fully understand the situation, this is just my limited knowledge.

Personally I think we have always had mavericks and eccentrics within our party, and because this has come out in the press they’ve been made an example of. Anne Watters resigned the Lib Dem group in Fife in 2007, and no disciplinary action was taken against her. I think every effort to bring these three back into the party should have been made BEFORE action was taken.

I’m sure this will be a point of heated discussion at conference, in just ten days time.

Anyway, on anther note, have our Kirkcaldy Lib Dem AGM tomorrow, in which I intend to regain my post as Press and PR Officer, which will take on added significance in the next office bearer term, and I will next year be able to give it the time it deserves.

Thought I’d keep it political today, so there you go!


~ by Callum Leslie on March 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Today’s thoughts…”

  1. […] to a long-standing friend of hers and the party, events give Stephen something to think about and Callum suggests that other Councillors have done the same without redress. Indeed, events have now drawn […]

  2. Debra Storr not only supported my expulsion, on the gerounds that I was an economic liberal infacour of free enterprise, lowered taxes & Holyrood control of Corporation Tax, all of which are now officially “illiberal” & “too right wing” to even discuss. She also deliberately lied* to assist the process, saying that a conference motion I put forward was rejected because it was “badly drafted” when in fact it had been drafted by herself.

    All in all she has no cause for complaint – as an eco-fascist she has been treated far better by the party than she helped it when it was getting the genuine liberals out of the party.

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