Wow, it’s been a while!

Thought it was about time I wrote this again, seen as it’s been almost two weeks since the last post.

An update on the guilt, phone contract was fine, room still needs some sorting but is now not my fault (will explain in a moment) and the Focus delivery hit a snag of the leaflets beng labelled “Autumn 08”, so I ain’t putting them out now! 1 is still a concern but not as pressing, I’ve decided just to let it die, it’s for the best.

Can’t believe that conference is only 13 days away! Should be really exciting and good fun, especially considering the mutated arms and legs our initial quiz night idea has grown. Had another LYS meeting last night which was really worthwhile as always, and had dinner with Kieran afterwards. After conference LYS will be having our AGM, at which we will elect new office bearers, and it will be interesting to see what shape the Executive takes after that, and what part I might be playing…

At school, I’ve just made my choices for my 6th year. After the intital dismay at Advanced Higher Computing and Advanced Higher Modern Studies both being in the same column, thanks to a stroke of genius by Mr Mason a way of me taking both has been agreed, so along with Higher Information Systems and the SQA Safe Road User Award, that will form the timetable for 6th year. It will be a challenging but hopefully rewarding year, and I can’t wait to get started on it. However, I feel like maybe these choices and all the excitement that surrounds makes 5th years look beyond theend of the current academic year, which is dangerous at the best of times, and damn near suicidal this close to the exams. Really need to start that studying regime, any day now…

Have become addicted to the West Wing, and re-discovered my addiction to House, so I seem to spend a lot of time right now watching TV, which isn’t the most effective use of my time. It’s still really annoying me how infrequently I get to see Gemma, which is once a week if I’m lucky outside of school, which is awkward with our different sets of friends. Quite annoyed as well at the way Kat has really not tried with Gemma, even bitching about her to Christine, which of course got back to Gemma, leaving her feeling really self-concious, and caring a lot more than I do about what my ex thinks! Damn high school drama, when does life become less like Grange Hill, and more like The West Wing?? Soon I hope…

Last weekend I managed to break my bed, which I have had since my 2nd birthday, so is nearly 15 years old. Bought a new one today, a compact double because a full double won’t fit in my room. 4ft wide should be enough to accomodate my rapidly widening girth, which is a cause for concern in itself. After the bed in question broke, I took great pleasure in demolishing it with nothing but a hammer. Ok, Gemma may have loosened some bits with a screwdriver, but I did most of it, honest!

On a fairly random note, how AWFUL are the band Mindless Self Indulgence??? Seriously, I can’t bear their songs about dog poo and the like, immature scene kid crap. 

My SYP campaign has technically not started yet because of a ridiculous embargo until the 2nd of March, which I find really unfair seen as incumbants are allowed to do overtly campaign-like things before then, even the MSYP who told me off for starting the Facebook group early. I’m finding getting information for the campaign to be more trouble than it’s worth, but I will persevere. A lot of people have backed me, including prominent political figures, so I can’t back out now. I’m determined to prove my worth and win votes, I only hope I can do enough.

Thought I’d post this up from Ruaraidh’s blog, just for posterity. 

1. How long have you been a member of – and involved in – the party? 2 and a half years.

2. Why did you join? Was there a specific policy or event? Ming Campbell getting elected leader.

3. When did you last go leafleting or canvassing? about ten days ago, Focus delivery for Cllr Alice Soper

4. How often do you do so? In Kirkcaldy we deliver bi-annual Focus newsletters for both our councillors in our respective wards, and canvass regurarly on specific issues.

5. How involved are you with your local party and local campaigns? Very, I am a member of the Exec in Kirkcaldy and, officially, Press and PR officer.

6. What do you think your biggest contribution to the Lib Dems has been? Getting the now Councillor Susan Leslie elected in 2007, in a ward where, in a 2005 by-election, we got less than 30 votes.

7. What’s your biggest campaigning weakness? Don’t know, haven’t found any horrible weakness in what I’ve done so far, though thus far I would say I could most likely do with learning how to deal with press.

8. Who’s your political hero? (Other than Obama, everyone says him) Besides the obvious Rosa Parks, MLK, Gandhi, or Mat Santos, probably someone like Vince Cable. Not particularly imaginative, but hey.

9. …And who’s your political nemesis? Peter Adams, a local UKIP activist/candidate in Kirkcaldy. Stood against Susan Leslie in 2007, and was a real thorn in the side. Gets regular airtime on Talk 107 as well, which is particularly grating as he actually doesn’t do anything at all, other than ride around in his beat-up Volvo with UKIP flags on it, and moaning about minorities getting special treatment.

10. The single transferable vote is introduced. Setting aside any personal relationship with candidates, where does your second vote go? If you say Green, you also have to give a third vote. – Probably the Scottish Socialists or similar, their ideology is an important one that, while needing to be taken with a pinch of salt, should be heard in any representative body.


Until next time folks, wish me luck!


~ by Callum Leslie on February 28, 2009.

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  1. Okay. I did MOST of the work with disassembling that bed. You just tried to be macho and smack it with a hammer….

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