The morning after the night before

Last night was AMAZING banter with the India team in Edinburgh. All 12 of us trapsed in to the cimena late, much to the chagrin of the pensioners all around, and fell out of the cinema into China China, which quickly emptied while westuffed our faces for over two hours. After bidding farewell to Booth and a quick stop-off at Burger King, we dived on the next train home…only to realise we had left Jordan and Rollo behind. Needless to say they were not amused!! What a night though.

Gemma loved her birthday presents, so thank you to Kirsty for giving me the idea! =)

Failed to do any Focus delivery today, will have to do some tomorrow morning. Sigh. 

Tomorrow should be good fun, Liberal Youth meeting in Glasgow means I have to negociate a 1.75 hour bus to Glasgow, and find my way around Glasgow’s subway network to get to Hillhead. Crashing at Ailsa’s though, so should be good crack. Still excited for conference…

Had a few issues to resolve with Gemma this morning, but being the amazing girl she is she forgavethis thoughtless fool. She’s coming up later too, so all is fairly well in the kingdom. 

Slightly bemused at the frequency of Jo Swinson’s Twittering, though the running commentary during PMQs does make for entertaining reading.

The protests at Glasgow Uni have left me slightly bemused. I really don’t think any instuitution should be forced to take sides, this isn’t a cas of an aide appeal, it’s about, among other things, the livelihood of one man who happens to be Israeli. My knowledge of the situation is limited, but I shall endevour to discover more tomorrow night, I’m sure the topic will come up over a few cold ones.

Not as epic a blog today I don’t think, oh well, thought I’d let those who care know I’m still breathing. Yeah. 

That’s all folks.


~ by Callum Leslie on February 11, 2009.

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