Thoughts of the moment…

Welcome one and all to my blog. Not many people will read this, but I suppose it is therapeutic to write one’s thoughts down.

Have today decided to make a go of a blog, something I’ve toyed with for a while. I’ve also recently got into Twitter as well, so well see how long this lasts.

Pressing worry of the moment – highers. Yes, I know they are three months away but mother seems intent on reminding me that, “in her day”, she did 4 and a half hours studying a night, every night from prelims till final exam, and that my proposed initial one hour a night plus homework, gradually building up every month to about three hours a night, plus duing study leave is not enough. So much for the supportive mother that was last week so good about my two D’s in maths and chemistry prelims! Oh well, is it normal to have this fight with one’s parents every night? I hate it..

Elsewhere, mother is also not happy at how much I’m doing this week. Bugger off, it’s my holiday week after not stopping for about a month with prelims and Les Mis, I’m allowed to take some time to doss about. Yes it’ll be an expensive week, but I promise I will be a bit more careful with the pennies after this week. S’pose going through to the MacBob for theatre stuff this weekend and next is a bit much, but damn it if it won’t be enjoyable.

I miss Les Mis as well, the people really were mostly great, and some great times were had. Is it sad that I miss Marius? Probably, I fear.

On the politics side of things, I can barely contain my excitement for conference, which is sad as it’s over a month away still. Stopping Cllr Soper in the street today seemed to take the Jakeys I was with off guard, hehe.

It really does feel weird having nothing to do, I’m not sure I like it at all. Phoned Gemma out of boredom, had nothing to say. Is that a bad sign? Gemma’s birthday tomorrow as well, got her a nice wee couple of presents for tomorrow and Valentine’s, but I shant say what.

Think that’s all, so until the next time.


PS. Happy Birthday to Nicola Ferguson, 15 today! =)


~ by Callum Leslie on February 9, 2009.

One Response to “Thoughts of the moment…”

  1. Yes, It is very usual to argue with the ‘rents EVERY NIGHT! I still do, and its not about studying!

    I din’t do ANY studying for my exams… Let alone for the 3months before… I done quite well 🙂 All I can here ringing in my ears is *imagin what your could have got though* hmmm….

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